CO2 & Glycol Systems

Baltic Trail Staff:

Ken Welter & Cary Nix


65,000 square feet

Savings in Comparison to Regular Store of Same Size:

  • Refrigerant Charge: 1,200
  • Estimated Total Dollar Savings (%): 4-5%

Our clients, like us, are extremely environmentally conscious, constantly seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. In 2010, Cary Nix and Ken Welter were enlisted to develop a system for a 35,000 square foot store that would reduce the store’s emissions. Managing the entire process of concept to design through construction, they delivered an end result known as a CO2 & Glycol system.

Key elements of the design included:

  • direct expansion CO2 cascade system
  • electronic expansion valves
  • secondary medium temp system

The improvements of a standard system were significant: piping for the medium temp system was reduced by 95% (thereby reducing leak potential), refrigerant charge decreased by 66%, and carbon footprint diminished markedly. In addition, the client requested a second, 55,000 square-foot store be built with a similar system a year later to further test the technology, and continues to encourage us to build upon the technology today.