CO2 & Single Liquid Line Medium Temp System

Baltic Trail Staff:

Cary Nix & Earl Faulk


40,000 square feet

Savings in Comparison to Regular Store of Same Size:

  • Refrigerant Charge: Saved 2,400 pounds
  • Estimated Total Dollar Savings (%): 7%

In 2012, Cary Nix, one of our Managers of Refrigeration & Design, delivered a system that changed the game for retail grocery refrigeration. His CO2 & Single Liquid Line Medium Temp system combined previous innovations developed within the Baltic Trail team and delivered an immediate 5-10% cost savings on installation and refrigerant charge costs.

A typical store of this size requires a refrigerant charge of 3,600 pounds; Cary’s design required only a 1,200 pound charge. In addition, the reduced charge diminishes the possibility of large-scale leaks and cuts store emissions.

Installed in a new, 40,000 square-foot store, the system incorporates a single liquid line from medium temp cases to a single condenser and glycol heat recovery system. As a result, it required less piping and therefore fewer labor hours for installation, further cutting final costs for our client. Finally, the client was able to avoid an energy penalty and capital cost premium due to the efficiency of the system.

Not surprisingly, our client has planned to incorporate this model into all new store construction going forward. And, in typical Baltic Trail fashion, we have begun searching for the optimal way to incorporate it into remodel construction.