About Baltic Trail

Baltic Trail Engineering was founded in 2012 with the mission to redefine the supermarket refrigeration industry.

It is our goal to partner with clients to turn their most critical maintenance functions into drivers of store and corporate profitability. Our people are industry experts, they are energetic about supporting our clients to maximize their business opportunity and performance at the store level. Our data-driven approach enables us to act with clarity and conviction; our entrepreneurial culture leads to innovative solutions that drive results.

Our core purpose is simple: To provide superior service and innovative solutions for our customers. We achieve this goal by bringing our team, our clients, and our vendors together in a collaborative environment that encourages all parties to challenge the status quo and tailor specific solutions for specific challenges. This process allows us to build equitable, long-term relationships with all stakeholders.

In our business, we let the numbers do the talking. Our team of engineering, construction, service, and energy management professionals holds over 300 years of industry experience. We have worked for decades driving vendor performance, system optimization, and overall value. We provide services to more than 3,000 stores. We know that each retail grocery chain, and even each store, has a unique value proposition for their customers. We look forward to maximizing that proposition.