4 reasons to abide by EPA rules in supermarket refrigeration

4 reasons to abide by EPA rules in supermarket refrigeration

Inevitably in overseeing the maintenance of a supermarket chain, you'll discover that the bulk of your work is dedicated to refrigeration service. Your refrigeration infrastructure is the bread and butter of the business – it's what keeps your products fresh and ready to sell, and as such, it's sure to command the lion's share of your attention (and your budget).

What complicates this process is the constant threat of government intervention in the way you manage refrigeration. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has numerous stringent rules that govern the specific way you go about managing your infrastructure, and violating any one of them can lead to financial sanctions and a host of other problems.

This sounds alarming – but the good news is there's a way to reframe the discussion and look at all of this in a more positive light. According to a recent report from Keilly Witman of the EPA's stratospheric protection division, the key is to look at the EPA not as your adversary, but as your strategic ally.

Rather than taking on the EPA, you can partner with them. Witman believes that a partnership with the EPA is an approach that can bring about numerous strategic benefits for your business. Here are four of them:

Cost savings
Refrigerant leaks and other wasted resources are a sure route to exorbitant costs. Complying with EPA regulations makes it easier to maximize everything you've got. In addition, you'll also likely see increased efficiency all around, which will help save money on labor.

Public recognition
A catastrophic event like a refrigerant leak can lead to embarrassing press coverage and other deleterious effects for your reputation. By teaming up with the EPA, you can eliminate these issues. Imagine replacing those devastating stories about leaks with positive ones about the awards and commendations your business is earning.

Reduced business risk
Managing a supermarket budget is all about minimizing risk. You want to have a comprehensive plan to make money reliably, without any loose ends, and refrigeration issues like liabilities and regulatory compliance costs are an easy way to sabotage your efforts. EPA compliance makes for a straightforward and relatively risk-free path to success.

Long-term strategic planning
Ideally, you wouldn't just take care of your maintenance needs today. You'd also be crafting an intelligent long-term plan that can bolster your business down the road. The value of the EPA is that it helps businesses turn their environmental consciousness into strong business models that will benefit them over the long haul.

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