5 ways that improving refrigeration maintenance helps cut costs

5 ways that improving refrigeration maintenance helps cut costs

As anyone who runs a supermarket business is well aware, it's incredibly difficult to maintain an effective budget and make a profit on a regular basis. Given all of the costs that go into running the business, from labor to inventory and maintenance expenses, even a steady stream of customers might just barely be enough to stay in the black.

It's difficult to make any strategic improvements where budgeting is concerned. You can pay your employees a few pennies less, but that might not make a big difference, and it might lead to unrest among the ranks. Shorting your inventory will only hurt your ability to make sales.

"Investing in better refrigerants can set off a ripple effect of savings."

One area where you can potentially make improvements, however, is in refrigeration engineering and project management. According to ACHR News, better refrigeration practices are the gift that keeps on giving – for example, if you replace your existing hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants with a strategy based on carbon dioxide (CO2), you'll likely see some serious improvement. Perhaps even more than initially meets the eye.

"It's true that valves, steel piping, compressors and electronic controls can be more expensive with a CO2 booster system than with a traditional direct expansion system. But start thinking about the costs that come next – on everything from electricity to regulatory compliance – and the return on investment on CO2 begins to make a great deal of sense."

Investing in better refrigerants can set off a ripple effect of savings. Here are five ways it can help:

Lower refrigerant costs
First and most obviously, refrigerants themselves tend to be more affordable when you invest in newer and more efficient solutions. This is just the tip of the iceberg, though.

Affordable installation practices
Modern, CO2-based refrigeration systems tend to be easier to install. Therefore, businesses can save money on the setup process and get their physical assets up and running quickly and easily.

Easier preventive maintenance
Of course, managing a refrigeration system is all about continued maintenance, working to eliminate potential mishaps before they happen. This is easier to do with a refurbished system.

A better inventory
Better refrigeration means your food products will stay fresher and more attractive to customers for longer. This means increased sales and profits.

A stronger reputation
If your products are better and your refrigeration system works without a hiccup, customers will notice the high quality of your brand and continue to give their business over the long haul. Therefore, the profits should only continue as time goes on.

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