Strong maintenance helps food products live up to high quality standards

Strong maintenance helps food products live up to high quality standards

It's always a challenge for a supermarket manager to maintain a steady profit year after year. Aside from the costs of real estate, labor, energy and everything else, there's also the fact that stocking up a store's inventory isn't cheap. In order to stay in the black, a store needs to sell as possible of everything it has in stock.

"Supermarket customers today have high standards for food quality."

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. The goal is to sell off everything, but unfortunately many supermarket food products wind up going to waste rather than at the checkout aisle, being purchased by happy customers. Every time a gallon of milk spoils, or a vegetable becomes rotten, that's another little bit of profit potential down the drain.

Supermarket customers today have high standards for food quality. It's important that business leaders do everything they can to meet those standards and ensure high sales. Of course, refrigeration service can play a major role in this effort.

The trend away from "ugly produce"
The major problem that retailers face with selling their inventory is really quite a simple one – people only want food that looks good. This notion has been confirmed by research from the Michigan State University extension school – food retail expert Mariel Borgman wrote in a recent report that only the attractive items sell.

"Grocery retailers demand produce that looks attractive on the shelf because they know customers will select the best-looking items to purchase," Borgman explained. "Shoppers expect to find carrots that are long and straight, tomatoes that are perfectly round and red and apples that are shiny and blemish-free."

This is a key reason that refrigeration service matters. If your store isn't able to adequately insulate products and modulate their temperatures, you might be sacrificing quality – and, by extension, sales.

The case for maintenance investment
This is why it's imperative for stores to focus on product-driven maintenance. Taking care of physical assets isn't just flushing away money – it's investing in quality products, which will pay for itself in the long run. According to Maintenance Technology, this is usually worth it.

"From a financial perspective, it is difficult to reconcile management's hesitancy to acknowledge maintenance as a viable business function," Mike Laszkiewicz, vice president of Rockwell Automation Services and Support, told the news source.

Maintenance, like anything else in a supermarket budget, has a price tag. But because every dollar you invest goes toward ensuring high-quality products, it's a great way to ensure more robust profits.

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