Engineering & Design

We turn your design and engineering requirements into operational realities.

As an experienced leader in supermarket operations we have the in house capability to design entire systems and the experience to collaborate with other contract service providers as part of an integrated service team. We prequalify, contract and manage external engineering & design teams. Our team is well versed in specification development, as well as current best practices in regulatory compliance, sustainability and energy efficiency.

Engineering & Design Services

  • Specification Development
  • MEP Collaborative management
  • CAD design
  • Engineering & Design:
    • Electrical
    • Mechanical
    • HVAC
    • Fire Protection
  • Refrigeration System Design:
    • CO2 Systems
    • Sub & Trans Critical
    • Secondary heat transfer fluid
  • New Technologies
    • Trans-critical
  • Sustainability
    • HFC’s & Emerging refrigerants
  • System Optimization


  • Specification overhaul for Cost Reduction and Improvements in Sustainability
  • Multi-site store department improvement roll out
  • Single Liquid Line, CO2, Trans-critical design, engineering and PM
  • Energy Consumption Reduction Modeling
  • Complete MEP Project Management

We are an extension of your team.

Having been part of an in house engineering team we understand what it takes to work collaboratively to deliver results. We become an extension of your current team to help you achieve your goals and objectives.